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We have the perfect glove for you!

Depending on the industry you work in, the activities you do and the type of protection you
need, we have products that cover them and adapt to your necessities!

Our 6Mil gloves are ideal for the following industries: automotive, plumbing,
repackaging, etc.; while the 8-14 Mil gloves are perfect for lab work, chemical
handling, food service applications, automotive, and much more.

See which one is the best fit for you:

Our Promotions

In Mr. Glove Factory, our promos are the perfect combination of protecting your skin and
saving some money. From free delivery options to wholesale discounts, you’re able to get the gloves that are essential for your routine.

Choose and get the perfect gloves for you and your business with our special discounts!

Your Hand Protection Source

Mr. Glove Factory offers the very best in hand protection, including nitrile and latex gloves. We guarantee our customers we will provide high-quality products that will protect your skin from any damage and help you get the job done.

Your hands are essential! That is why we take your safety very seriously and bring you a fast
service and quick delivery of top-quality gloves adjusted to your industry and daily activities.

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To make an order, get a promo, solve your doubts or ask your questions away, you can contact us!

We’ll gladly take care of your requests and leave you with a good
experience and high-quality gloves to protect your skin.

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