About Us

Mr. Glove Factory provides protection, safety and comfort for those who work with their
hands in potentially harmful and dangerous work environments.

Our mission is to offer our services and glove products for the protection of your own skin
and hands for all types of chemical risks. Our gloves are specially designed to
meet certain tasks, such as mechanical projects, tattoo making, manufacturing, food
handling, etc.

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Why Us?

What sets us apart from our competitors are our affordable prices and promotions that are at
your arms’ reach. We aim to offer a quick and easy distribution of our products, with an immediate delivery and wholesale pricing that matches your

Our direct-to-consumer business model, with no intermediaries, allow us to create a straightforward relationship with our clients, while building long lasting business to business connections.

We guarantee all our products, seeking to give a good quality service and have you always happy with our gloves.

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Protect yourskin with us

In addition to the fact that our products protect you from skin diseases and infections, our
gloves are high-quality and guaranteed to meet certain work tasks, such as: mechanics, chemicals, coating, auto body repairs, helping you to avoid creating skin debris. Wear our gloves and your skin will thank you!

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shipping for FREE!

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