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5 Packages Deal 8mil White Textured Latex Gloves

5 Packages Deal 8mil White Textured Latex Gloves

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  • 100 gloves per box, 500 gloves in total
  • Heavy-Duty white exam industrial grade gloves are constructed from premium 8-mil white latex.
  • Superior tear strength and dexterity
  • Textured, extra thick, high risk and extended cuff for added protection
  • For superior protection against chemicals and sterile handling of food, these powder-free, latex-free disposable gloves combine strength and convenience
  • Chemical-resistant for safe handling of dangerous liquids and puncture-resistant for added protection against sharp objects and abrasions

Ideal for the following industries: restaurants, cleaning, auto mechanic, body shop, and many more!

1/2 Case. This mini package is ideal if you don’t need that much quantity of a specific type of glove, and also want to spare some money. You’ll get 5 packages in a quarter box!

Includes 5 packages for a fair price.

Free Local Delivery when buying more than one case.

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